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About Megan Rix

I’m a triple award winning Sunday Times bestselling author and animal lover. I have 2 dogs of my own called Traffy and Bella and used to train dogs for Helper Dogs.

Traffy sometimes comes into schools with me to listen to children read. I’d have loved it if she came to my school when I was a child! It took catching whooping cough to give me the reading bug. 8 weeks of being in bed and reading the library books my mum brought home for me turned me from a non-reader into book lover.

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Children’s books

The Great Escape

The Victory Dogs

The Bomber Dog

A Soldier’s Friend

Best selling Adult Memoir

When Megan and Ian got married, they wanted to start a family. But their desire to be parents ended up bringing one furry bundle of fun after another into their lives. At the same time as embarking on difficult and traumatic fertility treatment, Megan and Ian became involved with a charity which provides helper dogs to people with disabilities. And into their home one day came Emma, a soft, sweet-natured puppy with whom they fell instantly in love.

However, after six months Emma had completed her training and was given to someone in need. To get over their broken hearts, Megan and Ian took in another pup: Freddy. And fell in love all over again . . . only for Freddy to move on too. Megan and Ian didn’t know if they could keep taking in these adorable puppies and giving them away later. It was getting too hard, too painful. But then, one Christmas, little Traffy came along . . .

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2014 Book of the Year

The Victory Dogs is voted 2014 Book of the Year by Children in Stockton on Tees

Victory Dogs by tells the incredible story of two lost puppies who become heroes of the blitz.  The heart-warming tale follows Bark and Howl, as they make their way through the maze of tunnels under war-torn London.

Congratulations to Alexandra Tunner from Billingham South Community Primary School who won the award for the “The Book Review of the Year” for her review of Chosen by Neil Harrison.