Esther the Wonder Pig – Megan Rix / Ruth Symes

Have you met Esther on Facebook yet? If you haven’t you really really should. Her webpage is here:

Esther arrived as a micro-pig and grew and grew and grew. I love reading her Facebook thoughts and they often make me laugh. She’s even got her own book coming out in the Spring and I can’t wait! I love reading books about animals and am always looking for recommendations of good ones. Below is a bit about how she first became a much loved poppet. So much so that her lovely Dads, Steve and Derek, now run an animal sanctuary called Happily Ever Esther 🙂 MIni Esther

‘This photo was taken just hours after we met Esther for the very first time. She was really timid, her nails had been painted, and she wore a tattered pink collar. She looked so sad, and we were determined to fix her.

As far as we knew, Esther was a “mini pig”, and as you can see it was easy to believe that to be true. We fell madly in love with our little mini pig, and she immediately became part of the family. Then a bombshell hit when her vet told us “She’s no mini pig, you’ve got a commercial sow on your hands!”. We didn’t know what to do with ourselves, for days we barely talked about it, but before long we had to address the ever larger “elephant” in the room.

We loved Esther no question, she was a pet and a family member. She came when we called, she sat for her dinner, and she cuddled with us at night just like the dogs we had loved our entire lives. But Esther wasn’t a dog, she wasn’t even technically supposed to be a pet. She was supposed to be bacon. How could we possibly be so in love with a “farm animal”, they’re supposed to be stupid and mean. Esther must be different we thought, but no, she’s not different, she’s just a pig who was given a chance to show somebody how special she really was. She knew she was loved and she loved us back, just like any other pig would if we gave them the chance.’

I like that Esther has a special dog friend called Shelby as well as her Dads and all her other friends 🙂

dog friend






And I think that Esther and our Bella would get along very well as they both like to help clean the dishwasher 🙂

dishwasher belladishwasher esther

I look at her Facebook page everyday and it always makes me happy – apart from just now when I was editing this post and I read that her front leg/foot got injured yesterday and needs to be x-rayed – get well soon Esther! 🙂


esther in clothes


PS Congratulations to the winners of ‘Echo Come Home’ – the publishers said they’re on their way! 🐾 and