Happy Halloween!!!!

Trying to look serious and spooky
Trying to look serious and spooky

Last year, as Ruth Symes rather than Megan, I was invited to take part in Scarefest and talk about my Bella Donna books. It was held at a theatre and there were other authors there too plus a spooky show. When they asked me to join in I didn’t know what to do so I said I’d go as a witch. You can’t tell from the photo but my broomstick’s got twinkling lights in it. The day

But I couldn't help laughing
But I couldn’t help laughing

before the show I twisted my ankle so I had to go as a witch wearing her wellingtons – as they were the only shoes I could get on and although I tried to be scary I wasn’t very good at not laughing.

I told everyone in the audience I wasn’t a very good witch and needed some help – fortunately there were lots of children who wanted to come on stage and help me and we tried to cast a spell and pulled out lots of stuffed toys from the cauldron. Luckily my dogs Traffy and Bella were outside in the car because Bella never lets anyone play with her toys (and most of the stuffed toys were hers). She’s named after Bella Donna and in the photo she’s supposed to be a Halloween fairy – but mainly she just looks like a cute dog fairy.

Fairy Bella
Fairy Bella

The sixth Bella Donna book – ‘Bella Bewitched’ is now out and all ready to be read for Halloween. This time Bella Donna swaps places with her cat Pegatha and gets mistaken for a real cat just when she has to save all the witches at Coven Road.


Hope you all have a lovely Halloween. We’re all ready for it at our house with sweets by the door, cobwebs and fake spiders spread over the garden hedge and a pumpkin in the window. I love eating pumpkin and munchkin risotto is one of my (and Bella Donna’s) favourite foods 🙂

What are you doing for Halloween?