Meet Freya… Megan Rix/Ruth Symes


FridayFreyaApril8We met Freya on the 16th March and four days later she came to live with us. Freya was born on the 14th of January and is now 12 whole weeks old and full of energy.

This year is one of those ‘big’ birthdays for my husband, Eric, and what he wanted for his big birthday was a little puppy – hence Freya. Only Eric’s birthday isn’t until August but as soon as I saw Freya peeping out of the window I couldn’t resist her. Neither of us could. All her brothers and sisters had already gone to their new homes and she was the last one left.

This is what she looked like her she first came to live with us at 8 weeks old.


Bella isn’t quite so keen on her yet although she lets her play with her toys and they play ball and frisbee together and when Bella’s asleep Freya likes to curl up next to her.

FandBx1 FandBx2 FandBx3

Freya’s so full of energy sometimes Bella needs a break and this morning she thought she’d rather stay in the car than be chased by Freya in the front garden. Bella likes Freya best when she’s in her bed and even better when she’s sleeping.


Tomorrow Freya’s going to her first puppy party with 6 other puppies. Costumes optional (she quite liked wearing this one that someone gave us for Bella years ago but it’s already a bit too small.)


The other morning Freya got hold of the end of Bella’s lead that I’d put on Bella so we could go for a walk by the river and Freya pulled her around. Freya’s too little to come to the river yet.

Freya is of course teething at the moment and wants to chew everything but we’re making squeaky sounds to show her we don’t like it very much and she does stop (although she quickly forgets). I’m going to try and keep one of her baby teeth if I can.


Children often ask me what inspires my writing and for me it is definitely my dogs. They’re just so interesting and funny and quirky. I love it when they watch the aeroplanes flying past overhead. Freya’s found her voice now. The first time she gave a big puppy woof she acted all surprised as if she couldn’t quite believe she’d made that big sound. But now she’s using it a lot to let us know just what she wants! and