Piggies' Day Out – Ruth Symes / Megan Rix

piggiesdayoutOn Tuesday I helped out (mainly did a lot of ooohing and aaahing) at an event called Piggies’ Day Out. It was organised by Project 229 and Booktastic and it was brilliant. There were piggy stories – The Three Little Pigs for under 7’s (the group that I was with) and Pig Sticks and Harold for over 7’s. Under 7’s got to make Three Little Pig houses from cereal packets and over 7’s got to draw Pig Sticks characters and make costumes (but I’d gone home by then.) Best of all Project 229 had arranged for some teeny weeny (8 weeks old) mini pigs to come along from PetPiggies.co.uk (The video of mini piglets eating an apple on their site is beyond cute!) 

I learnt lots of things I didn’t know before about pigs on my Piggies Day Out day: First of all they’re not even that keen on mud (only roll in it to get cool) and prefer water. Have you seen this Youtube footage of sea swimming pigs? And what about this one of a micro pig in the shower – tooooo cute!therapypig

Second they’re one of the most intelligent (ranked number 4 – or 5 if you count us). They can even play video games!

Third – Mini pigs grow to be about the size of one of my golden retrievers.

Fourth: They are becoming increasingly popular as therapy animals. Have you ever given a piglet a cuddle? Or another animal you didn’t think you would? 🙂

minipigsandruthI have now and I can tell you IT IS PRETTY SUPREME!

I am definitely going to write a book about a pig now. Have you ever been inspired to write by an animal?


PS Last time I blogged I was worrying about going camping with my dogs – just to let you know it went really well and everyone had an amazing time! 🙂

PPS Some of you wanted to hear about me being an extra in the Goblet of Fire (years ago now) so I’m writing about it on the 10th of next month! 🙂

PPPS Had a brilliant time chatting on Fun Kids radio the other day. If you’d like to listen it’s HERE 🙂