School Pet by Megan Rix

TraffyTomorrow Traffy and I are going back to school and I can’t wait.

Traffy’s my 6-year-old golden retriever (she was 6 on the 6th) and every Monday morning (apart from last week because the school had tests) she comes with me to one of our local lower schools. I  know Traffy loves it because she just about races into the school dragging me behind her. She especially loved it last term when Karen, who’s room we use, bought dog treats so the children could give her one when they’d had their turn Everyone at the school knows Traffy now and make a big fuss of her.

We see the same group of children individually each week and I’ve missed them and wonder what presents they got for ChristmasBella as xmas pup with traffy

(Traffy and her sister Bella got chews and toys galore plus so many dog treats that they’re still working their way through them.)

I hope Lily Mai got her bike without stabilisers that she was hoping for.

I hope you got what you wanted. I got a pebble watch that tells me when I’ve got an email or a text message. My weirdest present was a single chopstick in my Christmas stocking from my mum and Dad. (I know I’m very lucky to still get a stocking when I’m So old.)

I used the chopstick to stir my miso soup – it’s supposed to ward off colds and my husband’s got a stinker. No way am I catching it. Me and Traffy have things to do!