Mud mud glorious mud….
 Ruth Symes / Megan Rix

cancer run x 6For stories to be exciting a character needs to be out
of their comfort zone, either by choice, or more often by

Last Saturday I did something that was definitely out of my comfort zone that I’d never done before – I ran
 the 5k Pretty Muddy Run for Cancer Research in memory of my lovely friends Sharon and Claire who passed away from the disease.

Runners had the names of people they were running for written on their backs and I was really pleased to see tons of eople had the names of people who’d had cancer and survived it written there. I expect lots of you know about brilliant Tommy Donbavand who’s battling cancer at the moment – go Tommy!
I didn’t know how much actual mud there was
 going to be or how difficult the obstacles would be beforehand. But I soon found out! Very 
as well as water-logged due to being sprayed 
with water guns whilst going over and under the obstacles and having to cross a rushing
 river forge. We had to squeeze on our bellies 
under nets and squish our feet into
 tyres filled with gloopy mud. We even had 
to climb up a net and over a rubber wall.

last the end was in sight and we ran for 
the giant slide.


now I’ve done it would I do it again? Absolutely but next time we’re wearing tutus!


pink ears Freya




Freya and Bella came with us but watched from the side with their cute pink chalked ears.
Freya’s still a puppy so she’s getting to do lots of new things – like going on a train (like Echo in my Megan Rix book ‘Echo Come Home’) for the first time. She was very good once on board and not too bothered about the trains rushing past on distant platforms but I had to lift her onto the train as there was a bit of a gap and a big step for a puppy. Thank you to all the East Midlands train staff who were just so kind to her 🙂 .

Freya at the station


Have you done anything out of your comfort zone recently?


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