Another writing competition!!!! :-)

Over the last couple of months my posts have been about writing competitions and I’ve just found another one for you that looks very much worth entering.

Writing competition


All you have to do is carry on this story starter to make your own story of up to 1000 words:

‘The night we left was wild, clouds dashing across the moon and trees rocking and shushing in a wind so strong it seemed to make the stars blink and spin. We packed in a hurry and only just made it to the station on time. I wondered who else would be taking the midnight train. I went to the buffet car to find out. There was a man in there, very tall and smart. Staring at me with his pale eyes, he began to tell me a story…’

Easy peasy right? I bet you’ve got hundreds of ideas already!!! You have to be under 18 to enter and you have until April 22nd.

Just click on this link for more information.

Good luck! 🙂