The Bomber Dog

the-bomber-dogThe Bomber Dog is a gripping and heartwarming story for 9+ readers about a brave puppy who joins the paratroopers during the Second World War and becomes a heroic war dog.

  • GREY is just a puppy when he arrives at the War Dog Training school.
  • NATHAN, his trainer, is a brave young soldier.
  • WOLF is a war dog who’s seen it all.

Grey and Nathan soon become inseparable. Until the day a parachute jump goes tragically wrong . . .

As the Second World War rages, Grey faces his most important mission yet: to find his best friend. With Wolf at his side, he must journey across France and behind enemy lines. His path is fraught with danger.

Can he reach Nathan before it’s too late?

Teaching Resources


Free teaching resources are available for the Bomber Dog. Follow one of the below links to download them



The Bomber Dog is also one of the finalists for the 2015 Red House Children's book Award. This is the only national book award voted for entirely by children. the are some teaching resources on the Red House website for the Bomber dog and the other 2015 finalists, if you would like to download these follow the link below:



The Bomber Dog is a finalist for the 2015 Red House Children's Book Awards, the only national award voted for entirely by children.

The Bomber Dog is also the winner of the 2014 Shrewsbury Bookfest, which is also voted for entirely by by children.

This great trailer was created by Year 5 & 6 pupils at Baschurch CE Primary School for the Shrewsbury Children's Bookfest Book Awards Ceremony