Authors for Philippines Appeal

Authors and illustrators, agents and editors have put up items and services to bid for in an auction that closes on the 20th November. All the money from the auction is going to help the people from the Philippines after the terrible typhoon. Have you seen the authors for philippines website? Have you bid yet?

I’d love to include the name of your pet, or even your name in my next book.

cover of a soldiers friend by megan fix






SAMMY is a football crazy rescue puppy.
MOUSER is a fearless grey tabby cat.
Together they make an unlikely pair that won’t be parted, not even by the First World War.

As the war rages in Europe, Londoners are sending brave animals to help the soldiers – and Mouser and Sammy are soon on their way to the trenches.

Boldly criss-crossing no-man’s land they make new friends of every nationality – and reunite with old ones.  But on the muddy front line, under fire and constantly in danger, will their friendship be enough to save them so they can return home together?

Just click on the link to make a bid and if you win the money goes directly to the British Red Cross (details about that on the FAQ part of the website. It’s very user friendly and there’s some amazing things on offer and you’ll be helping people at the same time – all good.