Hay Festival and Black Mountain


Firstly, I am so sorry to everyone waiting for me to email them back – it’s gone absolutely crazy here and another deadline’s looming but Itraffyandbella PROMISE I will get back to you very soon – hopefully this weekend and from then on I’m going to be replying like I used to do – quickly. 🙂

And second I’ve just come back from giving a talk at Hay Festival where we had a brilliant time and Traffy and Bella got to come out on stage and say hello (not literally – they are amazing but not THAT amazing!) It was very muddy there – but they both love mud!

Before we went to Hay we went to Black Mountain to research my second Secret Animal Society book as Ruth Symes – the first one ‘Cornflake the Dragon’ is out in September. Traffy and Bella are in the ‘doomed’ lake in this pic.

Off to talk to 400 teachers next week 🙂

Busy, busy, busy…


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