Some of these photos appear in The Puppy That Came For Christmas…

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“I crouched down beside the travelling crate and watched the two beautiful cream-coloured golden-retriever/Labrador-cross puppies snuggled up together, nose to tail in a ball, fast asleep. Six-and-a-half weeks old just left Mum and in a few moments I’d be taking one of them home…”

– When I first met Emma.

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“‘Meet Mr Pup-Pup’ said Ian as he opened the front door, plonking something completely unrecognizable into my outstretched arms. A bright almost-white wriggling little furry fluffball, more like a miniature polar bear than a puppy, as different to Emma as could be…”

– Ian introducing me to Freddy (or Mr Pup-Pup as he always called him).

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“I carried her out to the car and Ian held her while I sat down, then I put her on my lap on the baby blanket. She looked very comfortable and didn’t wriggle or cry at all on the way home…”

– Traffy is our forever puppy.