Under the stars with not a cloud in the sky (wishes)…

trafflookhols_oThis year we are taking our dogs camping for the very first time. Not my idea – my mum and dad said they were going and so did one of my brothers and his partner and little girl and before I could stop him my husband said: ‘We’ll come too’ and my parents were lending us a tent and my protests about dogs barking and being thrown off the site were ignored so we’re going.



I like camping don’t get me wrong when we were kids (there’s 4 of us – I’m the one with the flip flops in front of me in the photo) we went camping just about every year. The first time we went my mum and dad borrowed a tent; an old thick brown army tent – not much like any of the other tents on the site even way back in the 70’s. But when the storm came and the rain came down and the thunder roared what was the the tent still standing and un-leaked inside that other campers came to shelter in – ours.

Now I’m thinking about it one year there were lots of mice in the tent all the time – that’s going to be bit tricky with the dogs – but exciting – definitely exciting!

My looming deadlines mean I will need to do some writing while we’re away. But I love writing by hand so that’s not a problem and even better I use a pen that once we have a computer with power and plug it in will be able to convert my handwriting into text.It lets me be an old fashioned chilled out writer and a speedy thousand words a minute writer at the same time.

Anyone else going / been camping this year? We’re having to take sleeping mats as Traffy’s scared of the squeaky sounds lilo’s make (also scared of sheep and bumble bees 🙂 ).

Will let you know how it goes!!!!??????!!!!!*******