Where do you like to write?

emilyatthecomputerI love writing on trains and planes but writing in the car just makes me feel like I’m going to be sick – very sick very fast. What about you? I know some people can read in the car but my head just starts swimming when I try to.

I like writing in cafes – airport cafes, hospital cafes any old cafe really. I’ve got lots of writing done while I’ve been waiting for my dog Traffy to have tests done at the vets or been visiting her at the animal hospital (I always take picnics for her as she never likes eating when she’s there.) Do you like writing in cafes? Our local hospital cafes has had more words written in it by me than any other place outside our home.

When I’m at home I have a nice spare bedroom office but I also like writing sitting on the sofa bed in the conservatory as I’m doing now snuggled under a quilt with Traffy beside me and my other dog Bella’s feet just about to scamper down the stairs. The dogs both try to squeeze in the office with me when I’m working there but I think they like it best when I write on my laptop on the bed and they hop on too. And walks in the countryside to think out plots – they’re very much in favour of those!

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I like writing at all different times of year but rainy days are especially good. Do you have a favourite writing weather?

I can write whatever mood I’m in and have written lots when I’m having to wait for hours at the airport or hours at the animal hospital. When I’m worried but there’s nothing I can do but wait I find that’s good for writing but I think when I’m feeling happy the writing dances along. Do you have a best mood for writing? Or a worse one?

This weekend I’ve had a yuck cold and I thought I’d be able to write through it but all I’ve managed to do was sleep a lot but it’s nearly gone now – look out words here I come!